Pico18 Jbr

Cryptography - 700

Problem Statement

Dr. Xernon has finally approved an update to James Brahm’s spy terminal. (Someone finally told them that ECB isn’t secure.) Fortunately, CBC mode is safe! Right? Connect with nc 2018shell1.picoctf.com 22666. source

Hint: What killed SSL3?

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Pico18 Dog Or Frog

Misc - 900


This is a classic machine learning problem.

We came across this article and copy much of the template code from there. I wrote my code in a Jupyter notebook.

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Tjctf18 Abyss

Written by nthistle

Problem Statement

If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back.

nc problem1.tjctf.org 8006


The first observation is that this is a Python environment.

However, further experimentation reveals that all our errors are eaten up with a cute message.

>>> blahblop
The Abyss consumed your error.

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